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Jail & More on H8!

My little brother says jail is great! May 26, 2009, Sacramento, CA, No on 8 rally to the CA State Capitol upon the declaration of the Supreme Court’s decision. www.fagbeast.com
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2 Responses to “Jail & More on H8!”

  1. OK I may be on my own here but your little brother is HOT.
    OK not as hot as the Weeg or Matt, but hot. I’d not say no (or kick him out of bed)

    You may call me a slut but I know what I Like LOL

    Now prop 8.. not to open another can of worms but how two faced can they be – you can’t get married but if you have already you can stay married WTF is up with that?
    I say that it’s just that the straights are pissed that we gays get to have more fun with sex. after all we can f**k all night and not worry about having some kid dumped on us in 9 months time. We have no trouble getting into a threesome (four or more some) we’ll have sex at the drop of a hat (any hat!) and as for group/outdoors & kinky sex well, wind us up and watch us go. They are just plain pissed we can, and do, enjoy sex so much so they have turned into little kids in the playground and “taken their ball (marriage) back”
    It shouldn’t matter who you love but we are following them and making it matter – so I say Love who you want, live in SIN and BE HAPPY!
    As the great Miss M said “f**k ‘em if they can’t take a joke”

    I’m not out to most (hey, who I have sex with is between me & him/them ) but I have only had 1 guy say I was “abnormal” as he clutched his cross (you have t wonder why they frequent gay hang outs!!). I just looked at him and said “I’m glad, I don’t believe in YOUR god anyways, I wouldn’t want to if HIS god was so narrow minded and IF god made everything in the universe & loved everything equally, then he made me and loves me just as much as he did him – stick that up your crucifix and light it with your bible asswipe!” I distinctly remember most of the guys clapping & cheering and the asswipe had tears in his eyes!
    Revenge is a dish best served COLD!

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